Friday, June 25, 2010

Keep your gear nice and dry!

For photographers living in humid environments, keeping your gear away from moisture is very important. Mold, fungus, and other nasty stuff can ruin your lenses very quickly. Ideally you want room temperature, occasional direct sunlight, and humidity within 20% and 60%. Anything lower or higher than that will cause fungus growth. The same can be said about our gear bags. To aid in humidity control, silica gel bags can do miracles. One such supplier here in Brazil is Didai Technologia Ltda. It is also important to air out those lenses that don't see much action. Take them out once every week so that it can also get some much needed sunlight. Below is my custom-made all-glass cabinet where I keep all my camera gear. Notice the temperature and humidity indicator device in the middle of the cabinet.

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